hybrid flowers

Plant tissue culture is a collection of techniques which helps in growth of plant cell, tissue and organs under suitable conditions with accurate composition of chemical and fertilizers. By tissue culture plant alter their metabolism in order to survive and adopt themself in any situation they are put in. This can be done at your home all you need to know is about composition, Bhumi Putra Agro is here to help you in all possible way.

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All you need to know about Plant Tissue Culture:

  • Advantage of Tissue Culture:
    1. To produce same kind of plants.
    2. To quickly produce mature plants.
    3. To produce multiple of plants in absence of seeds.
    4. Regeneration of plant from genetically modified cell.

  • Application of Plant Tissue Culture:
    1. While Potting, landscaping, outdoor and indoor decoration we need similar kind of plants , where tissue culture help us.
    2. To conserve rare or endangered plant species.

  • hybrid flowers
  • How Tissue Culture help in Medical Science: Plant tissue culture technique has proved potential alternative for the production of desirable bioactive components from plants, to produce the enough amounts of plant material that is needed and for the conservation of threatened species.

  • Tissue Culture used for Somatic Hybridization: Development of hybrid plants through the fusion of two different plant species/varieties is called somatic hybridization. This method is done to produce a new varient which matches the quality of both plant by which it gets hybradized.

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