indoor garden

Indoor Gardening is an art of overcoming the lack of natural space by designing an artificial garden inside a closed space such as house and often benefits those residing in homes or apartments with no option for outdoor gardening.

Indoor gardening is simply defined as an act of growing plants within the enclosed space, whether it be a house, an apartment, an office building, or a restaurant.

Indoor garden are also a perfect option for gardeners who love having fresh produce during the cold winter month. With massive infrastructural development, having an outdoor lawn or garden is getting harder in a city like Patna.

indoor garden

For those looking to have some greenery within their closed space are going after options like Indoor garden, roof garden, lawn plantations or even hanging garden on the walls of their home. Those looking forward to develop their own indoor garden in Patna, Bihar, Bhumi Putra Agro is providing a complete solution of indoor garden supplies and is one of the best indoor garden makers in Patna from past couple of years.

We at Bhumi Putra Agro Patna provide complete indoor, roof, lawn or hanging garden solution to our customers with different gardening concepts such as indoor vertical garden, indoor plants, indoor organic vegetable gardening, indoor fruit gardening etc.

An expert of tissue culture in Patna, we also specialize in hybrid plants including ornamental plants, fruits and flowers. One stop shop for indoor and outdoor landscaping, we also provide indoor garden supplies and garden maintenance tools to our clients.

Looking to transform your living space and make it more eco-friendly, Bhumi Putra Agro Patna with its creative indoor garden ideas will help you setting up your own indoor green zone.

We take care of following elements while creating an Indoor garden or Green Zone:

  • Indoor Grow Lights: Successful indoor gardens can be built in brightly lit windows sills, which is not possible always since the living space have become compact these days. In order to meet the lighting needs of indoor plants, we arrange the source of artificial lights required for the growth of indoor green zone.

  • indoor garden
  • Hydroponics Supplies: Both soil and hydroponics offer some advantages to the indoor gardener. With the right amount of time and care, almost any plant can be successfully grown in indoor environments. Our experts first research and then install lights suitable for plantation as per the space and garden requirements.

Indoor garden supplies provided by Bhumi Putra Agro:

  • Lightning: For those who have to use artificial lighting, we provide endless options for grow lights at affordable prices.

  • General Supplies: For soil gardens, we suggest to use a premium organic potting soil. We have a number of different hydroponics products suiting different gardening requirement.

Bhumi Putra Agro is available in your city with a complete indoor and outdoor garden options, with a lot of new and creative indoor garden ideas. Contact Us , if you’re looking for best and cost effective indoor garden plants and ideas.

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