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It’s important that you choose the right type of pots for its intended purpose and must look attractive as flower pots plays an important role in decorating your garden. Flower pots are of different types, colour and design. It depends on you what you want to grow in pot and according to that we suggest the best for you.

Indoor plants have a positive influence. If you would like to maintaining the plants in the house, choose the right pot. Appropriate pot size is very important because it will affect the growth of plant roots and shoots. Select the appropriate pot material and is generally made of plastic or clay. Plastic pots will keep moisture and soil temperature longer. While the clay pots can create moisture under normal circumstances because it has pores that can remove excess water.

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Types of Flower pots that you need to know before planting.

  • Ceramic Pots : ceramic pots has a wide range of variety of design, where you can choose which suits your garden. It is only for decoration purpose.
  • Cement Pots : It is stable and lasts long, it can holds lot of weight and you can also choose design.
  • Soil Pots : These are cheap but last long if taken care. Different size are there for different plants.
  • Plastic Pots : It contains a wide range in different colours, you can choose which suits your garden. It is cheap but cant hold lot of weight.
  • Fibre Pots : Fibre pots looks good while decorating your garden and also strong to hold.

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