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Bhumi Putra Agro, a flagship of Texture Agro Pvt Ltd, is one of the leading nursery and garden supplies store in Patna, Bihar. Founded by Mr. Dayanand Prasad, Bhumi Putra Agro’s sole motive is to improve the green zone areas of our state, Bihar.

With the motto of "जल है तो कल है, पेड़ लगाना हल है", we believe in the conservation of water and tree as our future depends on the conservation of our precious natural resouces.

We are the landscape designers and expertise in the following:

  1. Indoor Gardening
  2. Outdoor Gardening
  3. Hybrid Flowering
  4. Tissue Culture
  5. Fruit and Vegetable Gardening
  6. Garden Supplies
  7. Water Park Set Up & Maintenance
  8. Water Fountain Set Up & Maintenance
  9. Garden Fence Set Up & Maintenance
  10. Garden Watering System
  11. Lightning Supplies

"An expert in our field, we are a one stop service provider of all your gardening needs. Let’s make Patna a better, greener & healthy place to live in with our expert range of indoor/outdoor gardening system and plant range. We are your solution to a modern gardener and tree store in Patna."

Director's Message

At Bhumi Putra Agro, we just want to make sure that when you're looking for where to buy garden accessories, you find the best options here, you're getting the one that's exactly right for you. Our aim is to provide you a beautiful & green space to inhance your indoor/outdoor living style. Visit Bhumi Putra Agro today for all your Indoor/Outdoor decor/gardening needs and extent your lifestyle to the great indoors/outdoors today.

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